YerKilt v0.2

A Wee Scottish Tartans Generator

version 0.2 released on 23/12/2000

Copyright © 2000 Marcello Barisonzi


YerKilt is a nice wee program that generates Scottish Tartan patterns (to be used as backdrops for example).

YerKilt runs on Linux-based PCs and other UNIX-like platforms (I hope!).
It's written in pure Xlib so it should work fine with GNOME, KDE, X11 etc...

With YerKilt you can generate patterns up to 7095 x 7095 pixels (provided you have enough memory!) with 16 colours.
This page's background (above) was generated by YerKilt as a .XPM file and converted to GIF format with GIMP. It represents the Royal Stewart Family Tartan.

You need to install the XStep library to run the program (included in the package).

XStep 3.5 is Copyrighted by Marcelo Samsoniuk and other collaborators (including myself) and I think it's a good toolkit to work with.
YerKilt v0.2 and XStep 3.5 are released under the GNU General Purpose License (GPL).


yerkilt-0.2.tar.gz (source and library, 48 Kbytes)


Here's the site of The Official Registry of All Publicly-Known Scottish Tartans:

You can visit it for inspiration.

Many versions of XSTEP and related applications can be found in:

Suggestions, comments, bug reports, whatever can be sent to: